The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Grandma!

My girlfriend Debbie Nigro, a radio and Internet show host, wanted to offer these bracelets to every DigiDame reader. She said these bracelets are quickly becoming the darling of social media. They are constantly appearing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand Twitter. The price is right.

(aka Nana /Nonna/ GiGi /GlamMa)

Guaranteed to Make All The Other Grandmas JEALOUS!

Sunday, May 12, 2019


The Grandma Bracelet!

“Circled By” ™… Grandchildren


What Grandma doesn’t want to show off HER beautiful grandchildren? 

 Not one we’ve met yet! LOL

 We’ve seen grandkids photos posted on Facebook. 

 We’ve waited patiently while Grandmas scroll endlessly through their phones to show us their most adorable photos.

 Now Grandma aka Nana /Nonna/ GiGi /GlamMa can have her grandchild or all her grandchildren to show off in one place all the time effortlessly! On her arm!

 Go To and simply upload your photos from any device to create your “Circled By” ™… Grandchildren Laser Engraved Photo Charm Bracelet.  Your photos will be laser engraved into the 304 stainless steel charm and protected with a durable protective transparent epoxy cover.

 Our “Circled By” ™… Grandchildren Bracelet is made from high-quality 22-gauge durable stainless steel and can hold up to 4 Photo Charms. The charms are the size of a penny.

Create A Single Child Photo Charm or Multiple Children Photo Charms 

One Initial Photo Charm & One Bracelet = $39.95

Additional Photo Charms On The Same Bracelet $19.95

Your “Circled By” ™… Grandchildren bracelet will arrive within 2-3 days packaged in a small box ready for gift giving and storage.


We can’t think of a better gift for Grandma (aka Nana /Nonna/ GiGi / GlamMa) than making sure she’s “Circled By” ™… Grandchildren wherever she goes. 


To Order: Discount Code LE)


Also Available:

(The Mommy Bracelet)   “Circled By” ™… Children)

(The Aunt Bracelet) “Circled By” ™… Nieces and Nephews)


Every “Circled By” ™ Product is Laser Engraved On Stainless Steel To Last For Hundreds Of Generations.


Guaranteed To Bring A Smile Every Glance! Every Time!


To Order: Discount Code LE)



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Grandma!

  1. oy my mother taught me if can’t say something nice, don’t say anything….but in this case…. guess this would appeal to a certain type…. not mine though… love the grandsons to the moon and the stars but this is so not my taste…. making me your only grandmother friend who doesn’t want one!!

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