New Biz Model For Clothing Stores.

The success of “Rent The Runway,” an Internet site that allows you to rent every type of clothing imaginable, is starting to rub off on the retail community.

Express is one of the first women’s clothing chains that is encouraging customers to rent rather than buy. I heard other women and men stores will be offering rental plans very shortly.

I was shocked when I first learned about Express going rental because it just didn’t seem like a very practical move. I guess getting customers to pay a monthly membership for the ability to constantly rent, is a great way to keep the cash flowing.

I’m going to stick with ownership for the foreseeable future, but I bet we all will get sucked in to renting from one or two of our favorite retailers. All I can say is that store owners better have a super dry cleaning system, otherwise we are all going to be exposed to all kinds of germs.


1 thought on “New Biz Model For Clothing Stores.

  1. Some Saturday’s after my yoga class I walk by Rent The Runway on West 15th Street. It is always very busy and I’m always amazed. I’m not sure I would wear clothes that others have worn that I don’t know.

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