An Afternoon At Fountainhead Studios

I admit it. I really don’t know anything about art, but I do know what I like. I can walk into an artist’s studio and immediately spot a piece of art that makes me feel happy and enthusiastic about life.

I also think artists of all mediums are among the most interesting people on Earth. Their passion and devotion to their art makes them totally different from most people you meet. It’s as if they have a deeper understanding of life. They see life in abstract forms that gives us an alternative way of looking at things.

Eliot and I visited several artists who work at the Fountainhead Studios on Saturday. I could have purchased several works right on the spot. The inspiration was flowing.

Artist Alex Nunez and her parents. Alex is one of my favorites.

I love walking into a room to see a series of exciting paintings that scream happiness.

Not all art hangs on a wall. Performance art is becoming more popular everyday.

The performers on the other side of the wall are fascinating. Watching them make it happen was completely surprising.

I love these chairs. They represent good times.

Some artists like to express a different identity.

Studio visitors love to compare notes.

Cut outs are becoming more popular.

Artists love to support each other.

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