These Walls Can Talk

Two years ago, I read a book by James Patterson, one of the most popular writers ever, that scared the wits out of me. “The Store” was fiction, but I knew one day its story would come true.

That day is now. The Wall Street Journal just reported that Amazon has a division called Alexa’s Smart Properties that is working on partnerships with home builders, property managers, and hotels to install Alexa smart speakers into rooms everywhere. Alphabet from Google and Apple can’t be far behind in trying to sell the smart speakers to every type of business.

The whole idea is to get vital information from renters, home buyers, and hotel guests so that Amazon can collect the data. You may not be aware of it, but if Amazon is able to monitor smart home interactions, the company can start to influence buying habits. They will send potential consumers personal texts and social media messages with information about products and services they previously inquired about.

In Patterson’s book, an Amazon type empire, controlled every aspect of a person’s life. If you actually went to a traditional store, a shopping cart was waiting for you with everything you were planning to buy. What’s more, if you were running low on certain items, the fake Amazon company automatically sent deliveries to your home.

As the company got more familiar with potential customers, they would enter their homes to put away groceries just where they belonged. Just remember, Amazon owns smart door locks, lights and appliances.

That was fiction, but if you want to see what insight Patterson has on our digital future, read the Wall Street Journal story to understand how all of this may become a reality.

Amazon’s Plan to Move In to Your Next Apartment Before You Do

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