Smiley Face Pancakes

St. Louis resident Daniel Drake co-founded an art catering business called, Dancakes. Yes, pancakes with a D.

It was a natural name for the new company. Drake has the unbelievable talent of being able to draw any type of cartoon character just by squeezing a bottle filled with colorful batter.

It’s edible art.

This is a specialized griddle that heats uniformly— there are no “hot spots.”

It has a draw setting and another setting for cooking— so that the temperature is exactly correct for the draw process. 

The cost is going to between $60 to $90 depending on which features you choose.

You use regular pancake batter— and they have a bunch of safe, natural food dyes (same as cake frosting) to “draw” your pancake.

Co-founder Hank Gustafson recorded Drake drawing 151 original Pokémon characters. The video went viral on YouTube.

The company demonstrated the process at CE Week.

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