Germany Today

Gay Pride is front and center in Germany. The majority of Gays no longer hide their identity. The parade we witnessed brought tears to our eyes. It’s wonderful to see that people are free here to express themselves.

After interviewing a number of people, I learned that most of the folks who live in the cities of Germany are pretty liberal. When you start to go out to the suburbs, or rural areas, folks get more traditional. It’s the same in the United States. The young adults and children here are trying to understand what happened during the Hitler days and how it occurred. They ask their parents how much guilt they should be responsible for? Most of the replies I heard were “it’s more important that you understand what took place during the Nazi era so it never happens again.”

The Germans are very concerned about Trump. They are stumped by his caustic style and his ability to deny climate changes. They see trouble for the world if he stays in office.

We travel outside of the States more frequently than others. It used to be wonderful that we lived in a country that most others respected and admired. Today, it’s a very different story.

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