A Photo Essay By Eliot Hess

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Coral Gables home and gardens of Michael and Jorge. We own their art, but we had no idea how they lived. It was a total magical tour. Their creative imprints were everywhere. It’s just amazing to see how creative minds build their own abode. This beauty must be shared.This is just a partial look. Enjoy.

Michael and Jorge

The Pencil Fence

Tina Turner plants

Ding Dong

Octopus Plants

Follow The Brick Road


Home Plate

The Fountain Of Truth

Standing Ovation

Tiny House

Meditation Point

A Dash Of Color

The Gardeners

The House That Creativity Built

The Command Center

A Mask For Every Moment

The Masquerade Ball

Mr. Macho

The Face In The Crowd

The Salon

Someone To Watch Over You

The Gallery

A Passion For Redheads

Tea For Two

Top Shelf Collection

1 thought on “A Photo Essay By Eliot Hess

  1. I lived in the Grove for twenty years and met many artisans who lived in older pecky Cyprus homes full of artsy bric brac, smelled of oils and resins and had quirky talented occupants. It was what the Grove was for some 40 years and it is good to see a little of it still exists.

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