Red Flag Laws

The New York Times published my brother’s letter, print and online, last Thursday. We are very proud.

To the Editor


Regarding the proposed so-called “red flag” laws which, one may hope, will recover guns from unstable people thereby helping to prevent mass shootings.


While I support taking guns from perceived unstable people and gun regulations in general (no one, not in the military, needs an automatic weapon, for example), these “red flag” laws are “prospective facto” and probably will not survive constitutional testing. Who on earth can tell what is in a person’s mind and future intention? It’s a slippery slope.


And, if those proposed laws do survive, how does one calculate the effectiveness of mass shootings being prevented?


It’s a gun advocate’s mild sedative to those who want stronger gun control.


Steve Schneider

Do You Know Bill Hanley?

Introducing the true hero of Woodstock, the sound engineer. Bill Hanley is regarded as the “father of festival sound.” He was told he needed to prepare for 100,000. Five hundred thousand showed up and he didn’t disappoint. The Woodstock festival was located in Bethel, New York, in August, 1969. Does Hanley ever go to CES? Who in the industry knows him? Tell us more.

1 thought on “Red Flag Laws

  1. While I agree with Steve’s letter regarding “Red Flag” laws, I feel that there is only one solution that will actually save lives: Banning weapons of war.
    As has been pointed out, “Red Flag” laws would not have prevented the mass murders in Dayton and El Paso. Only the elimination of a weapon capable of killing nine people and wounding more than twenty in thirty seconds, as reported by the police, would have saved lives. It’s that simple: Eliminate weapons of war from our streets and lives will be saved. Anything else can “help” but they won’t really accomplish the goal.

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