You Can’t Give Up

There is new hope for people with rare illnesses. Netflix has a new series called “Diagnosis” which relies on crowdsourcing to “help solve medical mysteries.”

Crowdsourcing is the method used to obtain information on a particular topic by using the services of a large number of people on the Internet.

This should make us all very happy because someone, somewhere, may have the answer to cure a medical condition, or help improve it. That was my intent last week when I wrote about the child of a my friend who can’t swallow. We actually got a few leads that the family is pursuing.

The new TV series is based on Dr. Lisa Sanders’ column in the New York Times magazine, which features people who are searching for medical answers. Sanders, a Yale University professor, was the doctor who had inspired the hit show “House.”

CNET, a tech site, details exactly how Dr. Sanders, uses the Internet to help gather helpful medical information. It also mentions that TNT has a new show called “Chasing the Cure, hosted by Ann Curry, that helps people find answers to their medical problems.

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