Your Glory Years

Some seniors ease into retirement, others suffer. I know so many people who were forced into retirement and then they had health problems soon after. This is all a terrible predicament.

To make matters worse, a friend sent me an article from the Atlantic magazine that talks about how most careers peak at a certain age. People may stay on the job, but their chance of achieving something noteworthy is highly unlikely. Everyone has their good years, and then they coast.

Most folks don’t realize that they only have a stretch of time when they can do their best work. It varies from person to person so I suggest you read the article to figure out when you were the star of your profession.

The article didn’t come as a surprise to me. Even though I am still working, I can clearly see that I will never get the accolades and money that I commanded in the heyday of my career.

I have made peace with that. I get enough jollies from the work itself. I did think this article was helpful because it traces the careers of others. I liked learning about the theory of when most people are productive. It’s a lot to think about, and to pass along to the younger folks.

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