Don’t Fall For A Phone Scammer

It happens to all of us. We get a phone call from a phone scammer, and for just a few seconds, we believe it’s real. Before we know it, we are actually answering the questions from the scammer because it sounds so real.

Stop! No one calls you without a previous appointment, from a source that you have dealt with many times, to ask you personal or financial questions. Just make it a rule. You do not answer questions on the phone. There are no exceptions.

In fact, do not even engage in a conversation. Just hang up. This is not the time to start being polite. The folks on the other end of the call are trying to get information about you so they can make a sale.

Be safe, not sorry. You don’t need a major headache. Watch the video for a quick refresher on how the scammers operate.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For A Phone Scammer

  1. Love the arm flag and sideways forward, but don’t get me started on unwanted calls. Got 3 on my home phone before 11 this morning. Soooo annoying. Been hanging up though Richie suggested we get a very loud horn and blow it instead.

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