The Power of Words

The words of Rabbi Marc Philippe of Temple Emanu-El were so inspiring as we nervously waited for Hurricane Dorian. I wanted to share them with those now in the “cone of uncertainty.”

“This Shabbat is Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the new Hebrew month of Elul. This month , preceding the High Holy Days, is traditionally a time when the Master of the Universe, compared to a King, comes out in the field -out of the castle- to be accessible to everyone who wishes to get close. It is a time of intense closeness with our creator, it is also a time of G-d’s physical manifestation.

“Rain is often compared to a physical manifestation of the Divine. This year, for the new month of Elul, the Divine is being manifested with great force, reminding us that despite our resources and our advanced technology, we are ultimately not in control.

“However, this isn’t entirely true. We do have some control: the power of our prayer.

“I pray that you may be blessed (and may you bless the community as well) that G-d’s Shelter of Peace protect you and give you comfort.

This Shabbat, more than ever, I invite you to come to Shul, let us take advantage of this closeness with our Creator in order to pray for everyone’s safety.

“We are a community and a family, please let us know if you need any assistance.”

With love,

Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Marc Philippe

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