Apple’s New AirPods Reportedly Have Noise Cancellation Features  

I couldn’t wait to deliver the good news to you. My dream may come true. Those of us who use Apple AirPods will now be able to take advantage of noise-cancellation features — if industry rumors become real.

I just found out that the tech reporters at 9to5Mac magazine got a peek at design changes in future AirPods. They are pretty certain that noise-cancellation features are on the way.

I am very excited about this advancement because the more I travel, the more I want a quiet environment around me. I think the reason why Apple is introducing noise-cancellation AirPods at the present time is because other competitors are going down this path. Sony, Bose, and Huawei are a few of those working on state-of-the-art AirPods. Product designers agree that future AirPods will have to have traditional ear tips that extend out from the white stems for a good fit.

The present AirPods rest in the ears so ambient noise is always heard. The minute I see the new designs, I will share them with you.

No word on pricing, or availability dates. My guess is the holidays.

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