It’s Not A UFO, It’s A CVS, Or Walgreens Drone

We are about to see the future unfold right in front of us over the next few months. CVS is going to use drones to deliver medication to customers in rural areas. If that works, expect to see drones flying over your head everywhere.

CVS is partnering with UPS on this pilot program. UPS recently received a Federal Aviation Administration certificate to make limited drone deliveries.

Walgreens is also testing drones. The pharmacy chain picked Christiansburg, Virginia as the first area to experience a drone delivery service. Walgreens selected Wing, the drone delivery company operated by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. The drones are flying packages up to five pounds. Deliveries will be made to the front or back yards of homes.

Be the first to take a photo of the initial drone deliveries in your neighborhood. It’s going to be very valuable one day.

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