Entrepreneurial Teenagers Start Sneaker Charity

Announcing My New PR Assignment

Two El Paso teenage brothers have been giving away designer sneakers and socks to thousands of less fortunate students in several cities around the world for the last few years.

It all started with needy students near the Texas border. Drew Frank, 16 and Jamie Frank 15, noticed that too many teenagers had trouble walking to school because of holes in their shoes.

They decided to do something about it. They took their Bar Mitzvah gift money and bought sneakers and socks for hundreds of poverty stricken kids in their hometown. When asked why aren’t they weren’t giving away the least expensive sneakers possible, the brothers said it was so important to give students something that will make them feel proud, confident, and motivated to achieve success.

Drew and Jamie also founded a charity called “Kickpin” to expands their efforts worldwide. At the same time, they created a pop up store in El Paso so young people can come by to see the collection of sneakers. They have given away 5000 sneakers so far and this holiday season will be a record breaker.

To hear more about their plans and for interviews, call me.

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