Jimmy Wales Strikes Again

Jimmy Wales

It amazes me how many of us rely heavily on Wikipedia. We can’t live without it. We learn so much.

Now the co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has just introduced a new social network that corrects many of the fake news complaints about Twitter and Facebook.

Wales announced 

“WT: Social” a few days ago and reportedly has 80,000 members. He is confident that he will reach 500,000 in the not too distant future. 

The big attraction about “WT: Social” is that it will not accept advertising but will rely on users to pay a subscription fee. Estimate costs are $12 monthly, or $100 yearly. Those who pay will be able to correct copy they feel is misleading. Wales believes users are the best “truth” judges. 

I signed up for the free version so I’m on a waiting list. If I paid, I would have had immediate access. I will probably not be able to edit copy if I feel it’s fake news. If, and when, I feel “WT: Social” is worth it, I will become a paying customer. 

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