No Regrets

It was an absolute horror. A car fell off a Fisher Island Ferry in Miami yesterday, and into Biscayne Bay, around 5pm. Eliot looked out our windows and noticed that several coast guard boats were making a circle around a certain area of the bay and helicopters were hovering over the same point.

It didn’t take very long for our cell phones to start beeping with alerts about the tragedy. It was heartbreaking. This is a classic example of yet another accident that never should have taken place.

We don’t know yet what truly took place. (Watch the videos). However, I do feel that most people would have bet that this kind of accident never could have happened. I am so tired of people thinking we are all safe because someone of so-called authority took the right measures to protect us from potential disasters.

The next time you see something that you think is not as safe as it should be, speak up and get others to support you. There is just too many human errors these days. The barriers on the Fisher Island ferries always looked a little flimsy to me. We should have made more of a fuss about them. We regret that now.”

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