Hold The Date, Thursday March 26th, 7pm

Eliot and I are personally inviting you to a musical Kabbalistic Meditation event with Rabbi Marc-Philippe and Douglas Hirsch.

All in the comfort of our home.

You can all use the opportunity to experience transcendence, elevation and healing in an intimate setting.

Heart and Soul is an immersive sound experience, using a variety of instruments and melodies that tug at the heart.

Please RSVP: 
917 822 2591  or 


Thursday March 26th, 7pm

Lois and Eliot Hess

1000 South Pointe Drive

Miami Beach

 Unit 3601

London Theatre In Your Neighborhood

Eliot and I see a lot of plays this way and we enjoy ourselves immensely. The popcorn is good too. Andrew Scott was amazing.

I thought you would enjoy this story in “Air Mail, ” Graydon Carter’s (formerly of Vanity Fair) new publication. It appears in several parts.  I subscribe. ”Air Mail” offers a ”share” link. The following installments will appear in my blog ”DigiDame.” 


Eight months after Jennifer Farber disappeared, her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged with her murder. Soon he was dead.

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