Our Neighbor

Dear Lois,

I am writing to a small group of friends and colleagues about my New York Times OpEd today, Big Pharma May Pose an Obstacle to Vaccine Development. 

Today’s opinion piece is only a small slice of what I uncovered during the last few years of research for my upcoming book, PHARMA: Greed, Lies and the Poisoning of America. PHARMA is an investigative history of the American drug industry. It is packed with revelations from the opioid epidemic and the Sackler family to how companies game the system to charge exorbitant prices. Avid Reader Press will publish it on March 10.

The prepublication reception has been super. Kirkus calls it a “A shocking, rousing condemnation of an industry clearly in need of better policing.” LitHubselected PHARMA as one of its most anticipated books of 2020: “Posner has created a medical leviathan for our times.” Booklist calls it “an encyclopedic exposé. Explosively, even addictively, readable.” 

Bestselling author of Dopesick, Beth Macy, says “I could not put down Gerald Posner’s Pharma, the definitive story of how one family, the Sacklers, set out to get exquisitely rich on the back of unsuspecting Americans—then blamed the so-called ‘abusers’ instead of their own highly addictive drug. Posner has unearthed important new material that illuminates our national tragedy, crafting a meticulously reported page-turner that is as juicy as it is clear-eyed.”

Trisha and I have been buried for five years in the world of pharmaceuticals. We are grateful to many people who helped us, especially at those moments when the project seemed insurmountable. We are both relieved that it is finally about to land on book shelves and its fate will be determined by critics and readers.

Check Events for information on upcoming bookstore and media appearances. And if you missed it, here is a video trailer for the book.

As always,


5 thoughts on “Our Neighbor

  1. Drug companies create new customers – not cures – is what I found out when I was recovering from colon cancer stage 4…. the book should be read by everyone who has taken any medication!

  2. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when they read this book. No matter what you know, or think you know about Pharma, there is a lot of new information here, a lot of surprises. Thanks Lois.

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