News From Bologna

I have a childhood friend who has lived in Bologna, Italy, since College. We keep in touch several times a year, plus he visits us in Miami every Christmas.

I emailed him today to see if he was impacted by the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy.

He said, “Right now we are all fine in Bologna, no cases of Coronavirus have been reported here… yet…. The cluster in northern Italy is expanding and I expect sooner or later, it will reach Bologna. People in Bologna are aware of the virus, and only recently, started to change their daily habits. We haven’t seen many people wearing face masks, unlike the areas in northern Italy. Health officials are saying face masks should not be worn by healthy people because it won’t prevent us from contracting the virus. It should only be worn by people with colds or symptoms of the flu, fever, cough… to “stop” the virus from spreading. I feel it can’t hurt to wear a mask and it is better than nothing.

“The news is constantly reporting information about the virus, not only in Italy, but also what’s happening in other European countries, as well as the U.S. Now they’re saying about 12 states have already declared a state of emergency, Florida included. Whats going on there? I thought Florida would be spared and we could seek safe haven there but it appears to be one of the first states affected!”

The Neighborhood Name Game – The New York Times

Murder in Fairfield County

Part 4

Murder in Fairfield County

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9 Women from American History You Should Know, According to Historians

From a pioneering cancer doctor to a fighter for Cuban liberation

Read in TIME:

How a small candy company became Warren Buffett’s ‘dream’ investment

I read this story in the Hustle this morning. The first time I walked into a See’s candy store was in Van Nuys, CA, 1964, and actor Michael Landon was at the counter. I never saw anything so gorgeous.

Art can make millions for those who know how to buy and sell.

Geffen Splashes $30 Million on Art After Selling Home to Bezos – Bloomberg

1 thought on “News From Bologna

  1. Love the See’s Candy story. I had no idea that Buffet owned the company and how it emerged. Have loved See’s since the early 70’s when I started to work for United Airlines. Thanks for posting Lois.

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