We Will Be Back

We Will Be Back !!!! A sign of great hope. A Carnival Cruise Ship passing by our condo windows a few minutes ago. I think they created these words with their guest room lights. Eliot Hess quickly captured it. All the ships are parked next to the Port of Miami. They rotate going out to the ocean to make room for others —then they sail back in.

3 thoughts on “We Will Be Back

  1. Great photo, Eliot! Micky Arison & Carnival will be back! His generous offer to use his ships to aid the COVID-19 outbreak hotspots is truly patriotic during this challenging time! It’s no time for partisan politics! We need to come together as we did after 9/11!!!

  2. Lois, just wondering…….is there a toilet paper shortage in Florida too?
    NY has none on the shelves!!!
    Hope you are both not going stir crazy. Be safe. Stay well.

    • It depends on the day. We usually have it. Find out when they stock it. Are you going out, or getting everything delivered? How are you and Steve?
      Sending hugs to you both.

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