Virus Times

HWH PR’s assignment for today and weeks and months that follow. Client Dr. Maurice de Hond, a social geographer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has produced a research paper about the spread of the Corona Virus. He feels a total lockdown of California, and other states with low humidity and higher temperatures, is a mistake. To find out why, email me at If you have any ideas about which media we should approach to help spread the news, let me know too. Thank you. Stay healthy and safe. #coronavirus #worldhealthorganization #unitedstates #stayhome #stayhealthy #humidity #temperature #climatecontrol #lockdown

Photo by Eliot Hess. Six cruise ships hanging out in the Atlantic ocean off Miami Beach waiting to rotate for docking privileges. This is a rare sight for us.

Click below for tonight’s Kabbalah meditation with Rabbi Marc Philippe of Temple Emanu-El of Miami Beach and Congregant Doug Hirsch. Every “Thursday” night at 7pm online.

Americans are stocking up on firearms 

Barry Diller’s $93 million sailing yacht just passed our window. I guess he wants to quarantine here. Photo by Eliot Hess. For more specifics

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