My Three Virtual Meetings Today

During an online studio visit, Miami artist Phil Lique asked his Ouija board the name of the next President of the U.S. It pointed to the letter “T.” Most of us may not believe in the super natural, but it was enough to make me sick. The artist wasn’t happy either. So are we going to let this happen? Trump got in the first time. Don’t think Trump can’t do it again. We need a definite plan.

I was fortunate enough today to participate in an online tech workshop today hosted by Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group, a consulting practice that helps Fortune 500 companies with technology. Ninety tech professionals from around the country attended the Zoom conference, and the majority of them admitted that they were willing to give up their privacy in order for tracking services to let them know if they came in contact with a Corona Virus carrier.

They felt staying healthy was the priority over privacy. They also pointed out that they gave up their privacy years ago with the advent of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media companies know more about us than some members of our family. This is not the time to start whining about it. Most of the group also said they had no intention of going to restaurants, malls, bars, or any location with sizable crowds. No socializing till we get a cure.

John Grisham made an appearance on a virtual tour at our local book chain in Miami, Books & Books. Owner Mitchell Kaplan interviewed John about his new book, “Camino Winds,” and stories in the works. John, who is on the board of “The Innocence Project,” said it might be a non-fiction book. That’s a scoop.

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