Why Can’t Companies “Pitch” Their Own Products?

Your Product Deserves The Best Sales Pitch to Journalists And Retailers 

TV personality and Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg and Editorial Consultant Lois Whitman-Hess want to introduce your innovative product to the media influencers the way they know it should be presented. We think the other product venues are formatted the wrong way. They are long, boring and most company presenters do not know how to pitch their own product. They are too close to it.

Leave it to the professionals.

On a new monthly Internet Zoom Show called ”What’s Wow Now,” Steve will be telling thousands of journalists and retailers all over the world why your product is so special. 

Steve, a gadget/tech contributor on NBC’s Today Show, and Lois, the owner of HWH PR, have properly introduced the most innovative products ever for decades. They know, better than most, exactly how to pitch your product so that it is positioned for maximum growth.

Email Lois for details. She will answer all of your questions. loisw@hwhpr.com.  917 822 2591

Thank you 


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