What The Heck Is That !?

You are about to see the birth of a new entertainment concept on the Internet. We all need to have more fun while we are spending the majority of our time at home during the pandemic.

This new game show will make you feel like things are back to normal again, because you will be thinking about your experiences when you were free as a bird.

This is all the brainchild of good pal Steve Greenberg. I think his timing is perfect. The Zoom game show features innovation, creativity, forward thinking, and most of all a steady stream of laughs.

It’s just 10-minutes long— it’s called “What The Heck Is That !?”

Concept is simple— a panel tries the guess the identity of a mystery gadget.

It’s sort of— Shark Tank meets What’s My Line?

We’re shopping this digital concept around at the present moment. We will let you know if we score. It will take time but are confident that it will happen.

Steve is the author of the very popular book “Gadget Nation” and he’s seen often showcasing new gadgets on NBC’s Today Show and on TV stations around the country.

Please check it out .

Here’s the link:


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