Typewriter Tap Dance

The tech industry got a kick out of this one. I found it on Facebook. Ruby Keeler danced on typewriter keys with Lee Dixon. It’s “The Typewriter Tap Dance” sequence from “Too Marvelous For Words.” It appeared in the 1937 musical film, “Ready,Willing, And Able.” It’s so enjoyable.

A Graffiti Art Dance


Enjoy a new David Chesky Composition. I know David from the audio industry where he owns a high definition record label and a mastering studio in NYC.

The following was created by him during the pandemic.

João Menegussi is the dancer. (American Ballet Theater)

Chesky explained that classical composers usually get inspired from national folk music. This time Chesky’s source for “The Abreu Danzas” was the sound and energy of New York City, or to be precise, a Latin New York City.

Chesky said his music is all about a walk in the neighborhood, music, and the sounds of life pouring out of open windows. “The tempos, the muscular groupings, and the dynamics give the pieces an unapologetic, in-your-face attitude —the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian rhythms give them an emotional underpinning.”

If you haven’t danced to a symphonic work in a while, here is your chance.

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