Look To The Skies

Just when you thought life couldn’t get anymore bizarre, along comes UFO’s. I read this story in the WSJ and wanted to share it with you so you would be prepared for the inevitable.

I know that some of you do not have subscriptions to the WSJ, so I took photos of the story and cut and posted it here. That, in itself, is an art.

2 thoughts on “Look To The Skies

  1. about 7 or 8 years ago I posted a few photos and video of UFOs my husband and I saw from our terrace in NY – after checking found others who saw the same thing… was bizarre and we watched transfixed as the orange looking globes floated in patterns and then vanished.

  2. Do you know about these 2 apps “Night Sky” and “Sky View Lite”? You can download them and they are fascinating to use at night to see planets, moon, stars, constellations etc. I find them amazing. We use them on the roof.

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