Let’s Set The Record Straight

Move Aside, Mr. Trump. These Women Have More Money and Better Ideas.

Laurene Powell Jobs

Kara Swisher

Mackenzie Scott (Bezos)

Melinda Gates

It all started when the joker in the White House tried to demoralize Laurene Powell Jobs’ investment in The Atlantic.

See What Happens Next

Melinda Gates, co-worth of $116 billion

Laurene Powell Jobs, worth, $20 billion

Mackenzie Scott (Bezos), worth $68 billion

Kara Swisher, the powerful wordsmith 

Women who plan to move the world away from Trump in ways he couldn’t begin to understand. 

Picture This

If you remember, I showed you an app I was using to tell me the description of birds. It’s called “Picture Bird.” Now I was introduced to an app that identifies flowers, plants and trees. After being a city kid and not being surrounded by greenery growing up, I love “Picture This.” I used the app to give me the names of the vegetation surrounding our condo.


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