Did You Read These Articles?

Lorne Michaels Isn’t Sure ‘S.N.L.’ Can Pull This Off



The Gilgo Beach Murders Were a Cold Case. Then a New Police Chief Arrived.



Business owners request Open Restaurant plan for retail



Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, the UC regent who backed less qualified student


Conspiracy and Misinformation: How to Talk to Your Family and Friends | Digital Trends



How Nordstrom, Kith, Saks, and Other Retailers Are Using Stores and Websites to Help To Vote—Vogue



Adequate Vitamin D Levels Cuts Risk Of Dying From Covid-19 In Half, Study Finds

Are you getting enough vitamin D? It could help protect you from an adverse Covid-19 outcome.

Read in Forbes: https://apple.news/A00ct1Pj-Te6bg6lKPXy0tg


Tesla’s $25,000 Electric Car Means Game Over For Gas And Oil

Tesla’s announcement of a $25,000 car in the next 3 years would mean you could buy a mass-market premium EV for the same price as a regular VW Golf. So why would you purchase the fossil fuel vehicle anymore?

Read in Forbes: https://apple.news/A3dVptTS_SP-q0u7T6-SEng

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