Amazon Explore Courses

Many of us don’t want to hear about another thing to do while we all have to #stayathome. Enough already. Let us out. We want to see children, friends, the theater, museums, sporting events, concerts, and go shopping in a mall.

Unfortunately that is going to take a while. Eliot and I do so much online that we are busy day and night. We will probably continue some of the virtual events after the pandemic because many have been entertaining, educational and convenient.

That’s why the new offering from Amazon caught my attention. I’m not crazy about Amazon dominating my life, but that’s the world we live in.

Amazon is now offering virtual classes, sightseeing tours, and shopping experiences on a new platform called Amazon Explore.l

A press release announcing The Explore platform says it currently allows customers to participate in sessions on an invite-only basis. I think that means you apply, and then you get accepted.

I am definitely going to sign up for a few sessions to explore “lessons to landmarks” with the help of instructors and tour guides. They even have personal shoppers.

If this turns out to be a marketing ploy to get us to buy merchandise we can turn it off immediately. Hosts determine the price of the course. The good news is that you can talk to them directly. I don’t think this is a zoom session. The

host is the only person on camera and you chat via the microphone on your laptop, or desktop computer. I guess PJ’s are allowed.

I also understand that instructors are from all over the world and have diverse backgrounds in order to share first hand experiences.

I’m going to try Amazon Explore, but if you beat me to it, let me know what you think so I can tell the others. Go to Amazon and type in “Amazon Explore.” Enjoy!


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