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The 40 best places to sell stuff online



Trump is desperate to seem manly. It’s hurting us all.



Are Deepfakes Dangerous? Creators and Regulators Disagree | Digital Trends



The Best Political Ad Not To Be Missed



Zoom video recording for Art Photography Talk: Creatures of the Night—a Efren Olivares lecture


We all know that human nature is particularly unique at night. At night, there is dancing, celebration, romance, and glamour. There is also crime, vice, and illicit activity. Photographers have capturing nightlife for over120 years. 
We will start our journey at end of the 19th Century to show the obstacles faced by early pioneers of night photography like Paul Martin and Jessie Tarbox Beals. We will then quickly move to photographers who made nightlife a significant part of their artistic practice.  These include Brassai’s groundbreaking images ofParis by Night, Bill Brandt’s images from A Night in London,  Weegee’s groundbreaking “night crawler” scenes of NYC’S nightlife and crimes, Rose Hartman’s photography at Studio 54, the intimate work of Goldin’s friends, and much more.  You will see men wearing top hats at the opera, celebrities dancing in clubs, prostitutes walking the streets of Paris, and much more.  
Throughout the talk, we will explore how technological influenced opportunities for photographers shooting at night.  We will discuss whether subjects knew they were being shot (and even asked to pose) vs being photographed without their consent. 


Newman from ‘Seinfeld’ releases anti-Trump PSA about the Postal Service



Trapped inside. The United States needs a leader who can make outside safe again.

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