Scariest Ride Ever

Never, never, never for me. What about you?



McClatchy proposal to tie journalist pay to clicks draws protest – Sacramento Business Journal

The world of journalism, as we know it, may never be the same. There is speculation that reporters at The Sacramento Bee may get paid in the future by the number of clicks they receive on their online stories. That means reporters will be forced to write stories that attract fans rather than giving us the straight facts. Getting paid for results only, rather than receiving a straight salary, can easily cross over to other industries as well.

Employees of The Sacramento Bee and their union say they’re fighting an effort by owner McClatchy to base employee performance reviews on the popularity of their stories as measured by clicks.


Senior Housing Towers Open in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Tell me what senior in their right mind is going to spend $13,000 a month for 400 square feet?



Apparel workers forced to return to office, face firing and pay cuts

Read in Business Insider:

G-III Apparel Group, which licenses brands like Calvin Klein and Guess, is enforcing a return to its New York office at full capacity. Employees at the American company could face termination and salary cuts if they do not return to the office. Five people who either visited or worked for G-III’s New York office have tested positive for COVID-19 since June. “The morale is just super low at this company. We’re all fed up,” a G-III employee said. “It’s just a very toxic work environment.” G-III



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