Want To Take A Drive?

My girlfriend Jayda Knight sent me a link that is going to take me for a ride through 50 cities around the world. Of course, I’m sharing this with you. This is just so perfect during our #stayathome time. I’m not going to pretend that this site takes the place of actually being there in person, but it surely reminds us of what we should be looking forward to. I was starting to believe that the rooms of my condo were only going to be my only world for a long time. Now I’m am going to take an online drive in as many cities as I can till I can travel without worry.

Jayda said, “This is great, you can “drive” through about 50 cities around the world which you select from an alphabetical list. You can adjust the speed. You can also hear a local radio station or mute it.”



I am addicted to tomatoes, tomato juice, and tomato soup. I can’t get enough of this fruit. I think these photos were meant for me.


I have no idea what this photo represents but it sure scares the heck out of me.


If you are familiar with Creedmoor, you would know this is the last place you would want to vote. We are happy Gary got out alive.


A German hotel installed this carpet to stop guests from running down the corridors. I’m getting dizzy just looking at it.

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