The Next Giant Step In Remote Meetings Debuts At CES

Everyone is asking me what was the most exciting, or interesting, thing I saw at virtual CES. Without further ado, I am going to immediately show you. It’s a HoloPresence technology that is capable of projecting a person in hologram form, in real time, across the world.

This is perfect for presentations, meetings, and conventions. Presenters and audiences, in the future, may look like they are live, but they really will be in the form of a hologram.

The ARHT Media is the company who created this new technology. Please go to the company’s site,, to see holograms in action. Make sure you click on the arrow once or twice to make it work.

Let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “The Next Giant Step In Remote Meetings Debuts At CES

  1. I was amazed by the holopod display technology. Certainly a perfect way to demonstrate products at conventions, sales meetings and retail locations. I’ve always been interested in holograms and I have a small collection of still holograms, including Sort Illustrated and National Geographic magazine covers. Once the economy gets back to normal, I would expect to see these in airports.

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