Your Poop Finally Has a Voice

I have a dirty little secret. Future toilet bowls will be able to tell you how healthy you are every time you make a deposit. Of course, the king of all toilet bowls, Toto, will probably be the first to analyze your waste but Koehler is not that far behind (oops, excuse the pun).

At CES this year we learned that smart toilets are on their way to become health trackers. The category will be called the “wellness toilet.” It will analyze your skin and all of your droppings to give you recommendations on ways to improve your health.

The toilet will be connected to an app which will monitor your skin, diet and bathroom habits.

So now your at home scale will not be the only bathroom appliance telling you your weight and body fat.

I can just hear my future toilet now talking to me. “You fat piece of s—-t. Lay off the sugar and alcohol.” And I will say “I’m not going to let you talk to me that way.” Flush!

Koehler is going to introduce the touchless toilets and faucet line later this year. The idea is to help you avoid as many germs as possible.

Just think how healthy and clean you are going to be. You may not even want to wear clothes anymore.

Here are three links to stories that the WSJ, Tech Republic, and CNET wrote on the new world of bathroom appliances.


Read all about it. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

1 thought on “Your Poop Finally Has a Voice

  1. can’t wait until we don’t hear a thing about a Trump… they don’t deserve any of our time or energy!!

    on the other hand looking forward to the new line of toilets … do they come with free toilet paper or need to take out a second mortgage?

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