Bernie Is A Washington Star

If you are not familiar with what a “meme” is, I copied and pasted the explanation above. “Memes” are used by millions of social media users every day to express a point of view, or just to be funny.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders became the subject of a “meme” during the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris last Wednesday. He attended the event with a casual look. TV viewers, across the world, felt Bernie was definitely one of the main attractions because he sat solo in a folding chair wearing mittens made out of recycled materials, and a warm winter jacket. Everyone else was formally dressed.

I don’t think any of the “memes” were meant to be disrespectful, so I hope no one takes it that way. This is just a way to give Bernie the attention he deserves. It’s not easy to compete with Lady Gaga or JLo. In fact, Bernie’s “meme” became so popular that Topps decided to memorialize the Senator.

Topps is releasing a limited edition of Bernie trading cards capturing some of his most memorable moments at the inauguration.

The following pictures do not come from the Topps collection. I found them on various social media sites. Creative folks inserted Bernie sitting on his folding chair in hundreds of iconic settings. Here are a few.

Now you know what a “meme” is.

The New York Times has a page one story on this today too.

Bernie Sanders Is Once Again the Star of a Meme

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