Ballet On The Streets

David Chesky

David Chesky, an American pianist, composer, producer, and arranger, recently wrote a ballet that was supposed to be performed in Russia last year. Covid-19 prevented the production. David decided to do the next best thing. He sent the ballet to dancers all over the world so they could improvise to the music and entertain people on the sidewalks of their respective cities. The videos below are just a few of the productions that took place. Each city is listed on the title page.

I am working with David on a few projects. That’s why I know about his ballet and how he developed this creative concept. I wanted to share them with you. I believe these kind of outdoor performances could possibly be the next entertainment medium for all to enjoy.

David is also co-founder of the independent, audiophile label Chesky Records. He is also co-founder and CEO of HDtracks, an online music store that sells high-resolution digital music.

Chesky has won Independent Music Awards and received Grammy Award nominations. He has written jazz tunes, orchestral and chamber music, opera, ballet, and a rap symphony


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