You need to know about NFT’s, the digital currency that everyone is talking about

If you watch the news— you know there are people who are making millions buying and selling NFT artwork, sport clips and more.

It stands for “non-fungible token.”

So what is an NFT?

AND should you be investing in an NFT?

Is NFT artwork the next Bitcoin?

In just 30 minutes you can learn all that you need do know.

Lois Whitman Hess and Steve Greenberg talk with an expert in the art world about NFTs on their zoom podcast, “Lying on the Beach on Camera.”

Dan Mikesell is President of Blackdove, a digital art gallery and delivery platform to residential and corporate clients. He is also co-founder of the Miami based art residency program called Fountainhead which over the past 13-years has hosted 430-artists from 45-countries for its month-long artists-in-residency program.

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