Inside A Dream Come True

If you know Eliot, you know he always wanted to sleep in his old private office ever since the building was turned into a hotel. Our company, HWH PR, occupied the entire 12th floor of 1414 Sixth Avenue for 25 years. Eliot office’s was on the south east side corner of 58th St.

Yesterday, his wish came true. The hotel managed to give us the exact room that was Eliot’s office. I thought the whole thing was nonsense until we entered the room. Eliot had the best private room at HWH, and it still holds true as a hotel room. The windows look down on Central Park and 58th Street. It feels like we are in the center of NYC. See for yourself.

Steps from Central Park, 1 Hotel Central Park is an urban retreat inspired by nature. Designed using reclaimed materials, it is a very unique design.

4 thoughts on “Inside A Dream Come True

  1. Congrats to Eliot and you. NOW (after the photos) how did it feel to be back in the old space? Emotions? Nostalgia? Staying in a hotel after a year of isolation? It does look impressive. Was the hotel busy? Was midtown busy?

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