The Largest Lipoma You Have Ever Seen

Can you believe we have completed 35 episodes of “What The Heck Is That?” You absolutely have to watch this one. In addition to gadgets, host Steve Greenberg showed us the largest Lipoma, (benign tumor), you have ever seen. This one was a two pounder.

We were all shocked when Steve featured the lipoma on air, but it really was a celebration for panelist Harry Redlich. The Lipoma belonged to him. He had it removed from his leg days before the show. We were all so happy that the operation went well, and Harry is on the mend.

Not only did Steve show you Harry’s Lipoma, but we have a photo of the surgeon holding it in his hand.

I told you, “What The Heck Is That?“ is like no other show on earth. You never know what surprises Steve has in store for us

Let me know what you think!!!!

Episode 35 – WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Gadget Game Show

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