Detroit News Says Jeeps Will Be Able To Drive Underwater, Wow!!!

Every four years we lease a new Jeep. We’ve done it four times. This is the first year that we actually have a Jeep with upgraded features: a rear view camera and a retractable roof. Now, the Detroit News reports that future Jeeps will allow owners to drive under water. This is going to be interesting.

Following the announcement of the new JeepWrangler Xtreme Recon, Jeep CEO Christian Meunier officially claims that other Jeeps in the future may actually be able to drive underwater.

During a recent interview with The Detroit News, Meunier discusses Jeep’s “10-plus year” plans by proclaiming that the Wrangler lineup will become the world’s “greenest” SUV brand with a fully battery-electric model in each segment by 2025. He also mentions that the brand will be adding autonomous capabilities and may even getting the cars to go underwater. 

“There are a lot of things that are coming that are in the pipeline,” the Jeep CEO states. “We are going to keep our king of the hill position, for sure. ”

Jeep also released a teaser for the package that shows a Wrangler completely underwater. Meunier addresses the video. “There is a little wink we have at the end, which is probably post-2030, but I know a lot of enthusiasts and a lot of our communities are requesting it.”

Meunier also praises the Jeep community by saying there are “some crazy, very amazing people” who in the community that already do “this type of thing already.” 

He then adds, “So you can imagine with a battery car what it would be.”



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