Art Is What We Have Common

Some of us are very talented, others are not. Some of us are older, others are not. Some of us are always creating, others are not. It doesn’t matter. We all love the Fountainhead Residency because it gives us a chance to meet others from around the world who just want to live in peace and appreciate the art of the possible.

This month, Fountainhead Residency partnered with Bas Fisher Invitational on Heat Exchange, a new reciprocal residency program between artists, curators, and artist-run spaces in Miami and Norway.

By bringing three Norwegian artists to Miami and sending three Miami artists to Norway, the program facilitates an exchange of artist-ambassadors who will immerse themselves in each other’s cultural landscape for one month. Visiting artists in both countries will hold conversations about how their practices incorporate civic engagement and artist advocacy, while they meet with local cultural stakeholders and conclude by presenting a public exhibition.

Heat Exchange is made possible with generous support through an International Cultural Partnerships Grant from the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, and residencies are made possible with the support of the Fountainhead Residency in Miami, and the Rogaland Kunstsenter in Stavanger. Hanan Benammar (New York)

Does your creativity spark after a random encounter? Then you should strike up a conversation with Hanan Bennamar, who finds her deepest inspiration in the chance conversations she stumbles into in her daily life. Joining us in Miami this month, Hanan is already fascinated by Miami’s prehistoric wildlife, and is eager to dive into research on the Cuban political diaspora. With her work aiming to spark conversations around power in language and the class orientations it often unveils, you might want to share your immigrant story with Hanan.Siri Borge (Stavanger, Norway)

If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if artists ran the world, then you might want to pay close attention to Siri Borge. A visual artist whose work is driven by political frameworks that keep humanity dependent on oil, Siri is running for office in her native Norway. Inspired by the strength of relentless women who came before her, Siri interweaves her political life with her artistic practice as though they are one. In Miami, she’s eager to take advantage of warmth, and explore the reptilian life in Miami as a continuation of a series she began in New Orleans. Ask Siri about how she manifests her unique vision into her work and her life.Máret Ánne Sara (Sápmi, Norway)

As the world is turning to ancestral wisdom for guidance in navigating the ills of the modern world, Máret Ánne Sara is hoping to share these gifts with those who are ready to receive them. An indigenous artist based in Norway, Máret investigates social and political issues from her native perspective, careful to channel her anger and frustration into art making. Are you curious about the indigenous philosophies that can alter how we honor the land? Join Máretas she dives into Miami’s local indigenous culture and tackle the issues you care about through her gaze.

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