How Do You Feel About The Sale Of Hunter Biden’s Paintings And The Prices Being Quoted?

The story covering this topic appeared in the New York Times a few weeks ago. You can click on the link below to read it. I asked the question in the headline above to several artists and collectors. Their responses are under the story.

We also want to know what you think. ?????

A Gallery Sells Hunter Bidens. The White House Says It Won’t Know Who’s Buying.


Henry, art collector

“I can’t really comment on his work, since this is literally the first time I’ve seen it. However, I would assume that the extraordinarily high prices quoted reflect Hunter Biden’s notoriety rather than his artistic talent.”


Doug, married to an art curator

1. “Hunter Biden is certainly free to become a painter and fine artist. There are no qualifications necessary. Some artists have formal training, others none.”

2. “As long as there’s no conflict of interest — i.e. the WH ethics committee — I’m all for Hunter painting all he wants.”

3. “If you’re a collector and you like his stuff, buy it.”

4. “If you’re an art love that thinks about investment, run the other way. The paintings I’ve seen are terrible, and in five or 10 years they will be worth much less than what you paid. You’re better off buying Bitcoins.”


Steve, art collector

“I believe art is in the eye of the beholder and the hand of the artist, both determine the value. Unfortunately the greed of the broker does determine the entry price, but ultimately not its value. Caveat Emptor.”


Neil, art collector

“It is a shame that more talented artists have difficulty making a living, while Mr. Biden, whose singular greatest talent seems to be the ability to exploit his relationship with the President, is finding a market for his work.

“The fact that the White House felt the “need” to disclaim knowledge of who the buyers were, reflects the sensitivity. and the potential for abuse.”


Pauline, art collector

“I find the whole thing amusing, especially the prices quoted for a novice artist. Objectively, I think the image of his self-portrait shows a work of promise. The market will dictate what will actually happen, based on historical experience, celebrity artists rarely become stars in the art-world.”


Erica, artist

“I give him credit for sticking with his desire to keep on creating artwork, no matter what the media frenzy says, and others criticize about it. It’s just that his name is already known for controversy; it’s the greedy marketing people that are out of touch and seizing up on it!”


Ray, art publisher

“Clearly Hunter Biden’s artwork would not be priced at $500,000 if he wasn’t notorious.

“HOWEVER, I bet if you search for celebrity artwork, you might find similar situations — i.e. the artwork of John Lennon, David Bowie, Dennis Hopper, Johnny Depp, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan.

“It is amazing that there is no filter for Hunter Biden. That nobody in the Biden camp can stop him from cashing in on his father. BUT we have similar situations with most presidents. Billy Carter. Roger Clinton. Jenna Bush. And all the presidential kids that get into any college they want.

“It might be interesting to list the price ranges — or top asking prices — for celebrity artwork.”

4 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About The Sale Of Hunter Biden’s Paintings And The Prices Being Quoted?

  1. Market forces, celebrity (or notoriety) have always affected the value of art in whatever form.
    Why the storm or uproar of opinion? Is it politically and not artistically based?

  2. I’m not an art collector so I really have no credible knowledge about the true value of Hunter’s paintings. I do find his self-portrait interesting. However, if this is about the political consequences of a relative of the President selling his paintings, I feel that Hunter is entitled to receive anything he can get for his paintings, especially if the purchaser or the price paid is not disclosed to anyone connected with the White House. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump totally ignored the emoluments clause of the Constitution while he was in office. He made a fortune from the amounts paid by foreign dignitaries staying at his hotels or golf fees paid by billionaires staying at Mar a Lago.

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