Sept 14 Fountainhead Fundraiser

I want to invite you to a fundraiser for the Fountainhead Residency on Tuesday, September 14th, at the home of Alexa and Adam Wolman in Coco Plum, Miami.

Not to be missed. The home is one of the best examples of why Miami is now considered one of the most prominent cities for art collectors.

The media is continuously recognizing Fountainhead as a major force that has made Miami a serious international city for art education, creation, collecting, commerce and networking. Fountainhead offers a year-round residency program, flexible and affordable artists’ studios, the Miami Dade County-wide open studios event called “Artists Open,”and a series of career-focused programs.

Each month Fountainhead hosts three national/international artists at the residency so they can create, connect, engage and be inspired, infusing Miami with artistic talent from around the world. Since 2008, Fountainhead has hosted over 450 artists from 47 countries.

Meet co-founder Kathryn Mikesell

We want you to become a member. There are many different dollar levels you can join in on. One thing I can guarantee. You will meet the most interesting and fun people ever. Everyone who belongs to Fountainhead loves life and always want to explore new opportunities. Your social life will be extraordinary.

I am a board member and a networker. We just wanted to share this opportunity with you.

If you are interested, I will give you further details for the event. If you can’t make the event, join anyway. We have activities every month and you can accompany Eliot and I at any time.



Friend  $100 Join Now Yearly

  • Invitation to Fountainhead year-round events
  • Special reduced member pricing for all fundraising events
  • Unlimited hugs and appreciation from our foundress ;-))

Benefactor $300 ind. / $500 cpl Join Now Yearly or Monthly

  • Personal introductions to visiting Residency artists (That’s 30-40 artists a YEAR!)
  • Exclusive tours of local artists’ studios
  • Private gallery tours where gallery owners will explain the exhibition and the works
  • Curator led museum tours
  • Special pricing on events and performances from our cultural partners

Visionary   $1,250 Join Now Yearly or Monthly

  • All Foundation Level benefits
  • Recognition on our website
  • First access to artwork made available by Residency and Studios artists
  • Invitations to national and international art tours including artists’ studio visits, private museum tours, unique experiences in collectors’ home all combined with curated meals, and other cultural events.
  • Private studio visits with all visiting artists enabling you to dive in and learn about each artist and their practice
  • Tours of collectors’ homes
  • Invitations to national and international VIP Art Fair programs
  • Personal referrals to our broad database of art handlers, framers, conservators and other art service professionals
  • VIP Passes for Miami Art Fair week
  • Limited memberships available

Designated Named Artist Fellowships $15,000 JOIN NOW

This is an opportunity to create a legacy while providing direct support to artists and The Fountainhead Residency. Designated fellowships are based institutionally, geographically, discipline-based and/or diversity based. For each fellowship, the team will work with you to define the designation, criteria for selection, method of outreach, and additional programming. Each fellowship includes roundtrip airfare, travel insurance for international artists, and shipping, materials and per-diem stipends for artists. Additional benefits include:

  • Your name will be proudly displayed on Fountainhead website donor page, and included in our newsletters, event invites and other communications, and the artist’s page
  • Private introduction to the artist upon arrival
  • Opportunity to host a private meet and greet for family and friends *catering and all associated costs not included
  • All benefits provided to Visionary members
  • Advanced notice of all incoming Fountainhead Residency artists
  • One-on-one studio visits with all Fountainhead Residency and Studios artists
  • Invitation to a family dinner at Fountainhead Residency
  • VIP Passes to many of the art fairs in December, nationally and internationally

ASponsor an Open House $3,000 JOIN NOW

  • Sponsor one of our monthly Open Houses or a private event of your own
  • Sponsorship listed on Fountainhead website donor page, on the event page and on initial email and reminder email for the event
  • Personal introductions made to each artist for sponsors and their guests
  • Private tour of the Mikesell Collection led by Kathryn and Dan for your guests
  • Special thank you made during the event

Board of Trustees

Alexa Wolman, President

Benjamin Wolkov, Secretary

Carole Server

David Ross

Don Savelson

Henry Zarb

Ian Krawlecki Gazes

Ibett Yanez

Jeff Flemings

Jumaane N’namdi

Leslie Weissman

Lois Whitman-Hess

Nicole Blackburn

Silvia Faidutti, Treasurer
Spring Dautel McManus

Stuart Sheldon

Teresa Enriquez


Kathryn Mikesell, Foundress and Executive Director

Alex Nunez, Program Manager
Nicole Martinez, Communications and Grants

Curatorial Advisory Board

Jose Diaz, Chief Curator at The Andy Warhol Museum

Tami Katz Freiman, Independent Curator and Curator of the Israeli Pavilion Venice Biennale 2017

Dermis Leon, Independent Curator and Fountainhead Residency Alumni

Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Independent Curator and Artistic Director and Curator of Untitled Art Fair

Larry Ossei-Mensah, Independent Curator and Co-founder of ARTNOIR

Irini Miga, Fountainhead Residency Alum Artist and Curator, Co-Founder of Daily Lazy Projects, in Athens, Greece and Co-Editor of Daily Lazy Blog

Major Donors

Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation.png

Shepard Broad Foundation
Carlo and Micol Schejola Foundation
Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz
The de Groot Foundation
The Hillsdale Fund
The Heinz Endowments
Lois Whitman-Hess and Eliot Hess
Alexa and Adam Wolman
Hesty Leibtag and Terry Verk
Adriana and Ricardo Malfitano
Joan Quinlivan
Heather and Jay Schreibman
Leslie and Michael Weissman
Jane Wesman and Donald Savelson

Benefactor and Visionary Members


Alexandra Bain
Alexandra Rutten
Alison Cohen
Alison Davis
Alison Weiss
Amanda Dobin
Amy Kornik
Amy Pollack
Anne Coppenrath
Avi Bernstein
Avra Jain


Barbara Salk
Bill Fuller
Bruce Taub


Cathy Leff
Celso Gonzalez-Falla
Claire Racanelli
Carla Tobin
Carole Server
Chris Adamo
Christoper Barake


Danie Gómez-Ortigoza
David Black
David Lombardi
David Rosow
David Ross
David Sharp
Debi Hoffman
Debi Weschler
Diane Grob
Dina Mitrani
Donald Weiss


Eliot Hess
Ellie Taub
Eric Schneider


Fabien Castanier
Fredrick Black


George Dufornier
Greg Diamond
Gina Chase


Hesty Leibtag
Howard Krass


Jan Gerits
Jen Samway
Jill Stone
Joe Furst
John Barnett
John Ellis
Josh Cohen
Joyce Virga
Juan Toro


Karen Boyer
Kate Friedman
Kelley Johnson
Kyung Yoon


Laura Randall
Lee Cohen Hare
Lesley Goldwasser
Leslie Rosenzweig
Linda Diamond
Lindsey Freidman
Lisa Smith
Liza Gallardo Walton


Matt Landau
Marie Elena Angulo
Mark Blackburn
Mario Cader-Frech
Martine Marchand
Mary Heidrich
Matt Anderson
Matthew Lieberman
Michael Rosen
Michael Samway
Mindy Solomon
Misha Kornik
Moises Esquenazi


Nancy Bernstein
Nicole McAree


Oliver Frankel



Pauline Shender


Rachel Wagner Furst
Randi Wolfson
Rebecca Dinar
Renee Delaplaine
Renee Rosenberg
Rhonda Mitrani
Robert Borlenghi
Robert Shub
Robin Lipson
Roger Baumann
Rolf Coppenrath
Ron Rosenzweig
Rouslana Andriyanova
Ruth Greenberg





Scott D’Andrea
Sherry Zimand
Stephanie Bloom
Stephanie Denault
Stephanie Rosen
Stephanie Krass


Thais Fontenelle
Tina Tolles
Todd Friedman


Valentina Gutchess
Valerie Ricordi
Vanessa Grout
Vanessa Ressler
Vince Virga
Viviana Dominguez


Werner Grob


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