55 Years Working Today

Taking notes for a big story I was going to write.

I walked into the city room of Fairchild Publications on September 9, 1966. Many people reading this weren’t even alive then. I was. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Fifty five years later I am still pitching away.

Never would have made it without Eliot Hess, Richard Ekstract, Bernie Lett, Frank Tricarico, Aaron Neretin, Manning Greenberg, Cathy Ciccolella, Marvin Klapper, Ed McCloughlin, S. David Feir, Warren Zorek, Stanley Hochstadt, Neil Goldstein, Gary Shapiro, John Hollands, Rob Reis, Harry Elias, Harry Fox, Maurice deHond, Frank O’Connell, Steve Greenberg, and my brother Steve Schneider who told me in the summer of 1966 that I was good for something

While most of the colleagues I started with are either gone or retired, I will be at my computer today working the press on a big financial story I am trying to place. I am also on deadline to help sell two companies, make a motivational speaker a star, help get several books published, secure profile stories for three businesses, and promote a number of new innovative products.

As long as there are individuals who want to hire me, I will still be plugging away. It takes my mind off of Trump and the Pandemic.

Getting ready to go out on an assignment

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