Some Of Our First Shots From The iPhone 13 Pro

Your head is in the clouds. What’s the point of $100 million condo 60 stories up? Photo by Eliot Hess on Billionaires Row, NYC


During our flight from NYC to Miami on AA, the pilot suddenly said, “tighten your seat belts, we are going to hit some turbulence.” When we looked out the window are saw Trump’s National Doral Golf Club. Photo by Eliot Hess.


NYC back in action. Photo by Eliot Hess
They don’t build buildings like this anymore. NBC studios in NYC. Photo by Eliot Hess..


This is what some of the upscale outdoor dining looks like in Manhattan. Thank you Quality Meats.


Eliot becomes part of the merchandising display at Nordstrom’s.
Eliot captured quite a view of the Rockaways when we first arrived at JFK airport.

1 thought on “Some Of Our First Shots From The iPhone 13 Pro

  1. Outstanding photos. You and Eliot should send them to Apple. Perhaps they could be the start of an iPhone Pro Gallery.


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