Susan is suddenly single

Meet my client Susan Warner. This is a very unusual assignment. My job is to help her tell her story to the world. We are using broadcast, internet, print, in-person talks, zoom meetings, special appearances, essays, and anything we can think of.

Susan just did an interview with “Passport Mommy” that dives into two subjects that many of us think about all the time but are too skittish to discuss, death and sex. Susan tells us about coping with death and recovering and then the dating and the relationship journey.

Susan Warner is an educator, wife and mother. Unfortunately, she has suffered profound loss with the death of her son and husband six months apart. The catastrophic loss was almost too much to bear. Luckily, Susan shares how she got through it all and what life is like dating at an older age during these times.

Susan is suddenly single

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Michelle Jerson is the host of the national radio show, “Passport Mommy,” heard on 55 stations with an audience of 3.2 million. It is also a podcast and can be found on your favorite podcasting platform. Passport Mommy is a magazine style talk show that covers topics ranging from travel, wellness, and finance to education and lifestyle. Motherhood is a journey and Michelle aims to bring enlightening guests to her audience to help educate and enrich their lives.

The taping of the radio show

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