Miami Museum Features Bob Dylan Retrospectrum

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, on the Sweetwater (an area in Miami) campus of Florida International University, FIU, is featuring the works of Bob Dylan. Museum visits are rare these days with so many viruses being passed around. Thank goodness for digital experiences. I could stare at these paintings forever and wonder what was Dylan thinking about? I want to know why he chose certain subjects. His songs make us think about what he is describing. His paintings make us think for ourselves. The following is a small representation of what is being shown.

2 thoughts on “Miami Museum Features Bob Dylan Retrospectrum

  1. Thanks for the write-up of the AMAZING Dylan exhibit. Remind me to go to see it if/when I visit Miami in late winter.

    Separately: on FB, check out Ed Baig’s entry about going to CES.. incredible array of responses! Also Tim Bajarin’s posting and his Forbes column about going to CES.

    I noticed that G Shapiro reacted to some of this too. *Gary* Gary Arlen Arlen Communications LLC 301 229 2199

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