Three Of Many Projects I’m Working On This Week


Neither Covid, Nor Vanishing Partners, Nor Supply Shortages, Can Keep Artist Allen Hirsch Away From Introducing His Best HANDL Inventions Yet At CES

HANDL is excited to unveil new HANDL Jewelry which includes handmade pieces by the artist/founder

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Las Vegas — In spite of reports of people backing out of attending CES, Allen Hirsch, founder and creator of HANDL, a leading smartphone accessory company, will go ahead with his plans to man booth #60535 in Eureka Park at the Venetian hotel. Allen Hirsch (while fully vaccinated) has just finished his second bout with Covid several weeks ago.

Hirsch recently was forced suddenly to switch from Creative Founder to Operational CEO when his previous partnership vanished abruptly back in July without orienting Hirsch to any aspect of operations and logistics. “I had no experience in this field at all.” Nonetheless in the spirit of HANDL-ing it, Hirsch was able to keep the ship afloat and salvage relationships and supply chain flow to major retailers such as Target.

“HANDL is excited to unveil its new HANDL Jewelry line, which includes handmade pieces by the artist/founder. “This is revolutionary to the fashion/hand jewelry/cell accessory market,” added Hirsch. Coupled with HANDL’s comfortable and versatile elastic and brace system, this is by far the most useful and attractive product in its class. HANDL jewelry is magSafe compatible and removable so you can match your mood or outfit or accessories at will. This will no doubt turn heads and hands going forward.




Cave Syndrome: A Continuing Problem

Just when we thought it was a little safe to resume some of our outdoor activities, we have to take cover again. Hello Omicron. 


Dr. Arthur Bregman, former Chief of Psychiatry of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for several decades, and now head of the private psychiatric practice of Bregman Medical Group in Coral Gables, Florida, claims “We are seeing a major increase in cases of ‘Cave Syndrome.’ That’s the mental health problem afflicting huge numbers of the population around the world. When I coined the term I had no idea how many people would be traumatized by the pandemic that they stay home all the time because they are scared of the outside world. This is happening all over the world.”


In the US, 30% of us adults say it will take them at least a year from now before they feel safe again to leave their homes.

Cave syndrome is an agoraphobia based disorder related to OCD (obsessive comptoulsive disorder) and PTSD.

But there’s a difference. Regular agoraphobia has a lot of different triggers keeping sufferers out of contact with the outside world. But Cave syndrome is specifically caused by pandemic fears. It’s borne of uncertainty from the virus. The compulsive behavior that follows is essentially staying at home even though the rest of the world is springing into action. 


Dr. B says some folks have severe cases where they can barely leave the house, they don’t even want to see family. The holidays was a real reckoning for these sufferers. It’s hard to see the compulsion when anxiety about sickness comes from a survival instinct that is present in all humans. In this case, the instinct has gone into overdrive.


Frameworks, the Miami Based Art Framing And Fabrication Company,

Is Being Featured On “Manufacturing Marvels” TV Show Tonight 



JAN 3, 2021-APPROX 9:30PM CST(10:30 PM EST)



Miami, Fl—”Manufacturing Marvels,” the TV show that features cutting edge companies that are truly unique, will be showcasing Frameworks tonight because of its “manufacturing marvels’ in the world of interior art design.


Frameworks has long been recognized as the premier resource for art curation and creation, framing and fabrication located in the United States.


FrameWorks redefines what is possible.  FrameWorks invests heavily in state of the art technology, including large flatbed printers, CNC machines, wall covering printers and dye sublimation metal printers. All production is done in-house at FrameWorks, allowing for greater cost savings to their clients and total control of all aspects of a project.


Claire Lardner and Cris Sweeney, founders and owners of Frameworks for the last 30 years, said, “The company has been the leading force behind thousands of creative projects. Our clients inclde luxury resorts, cruise ships, boutique hotels and healthcare facilities of all kinds.”


They added that art is a key element to any well-designed interior. In the world of hospitality design, at is the finishig touch that makes a space more memorable.” 


FrameWorks tag line is “Limitless Possibilities.’ The FrameWorks team brings this to each and every project, creating out of this world results for their clients.


Whether it is a signature lobby piece or thousands of framed images for a cruise ship, no job is too small or too large for Team FrameWorks.


FrameWorks collaborates with individuals, interior designers, architects, hotels, cruise ships and healthcare companies to produce fine art packages that enhance their properties.




305.443.4581 x7005

4150 SW 74th Court

Miami, FL 33155

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