Ending Our Two Week Omicron Isolation

Eliot and I are going to resume normal activities today. We have isolated ourselves in our condo for two weeks after contracting the virus on Christmas Eve. We both had mild cases but it knocked us out a bit. This blog post is dedicated to Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson who entertained us on New Year’s Eve. There was something so natural, yet so talented, about their performance on NBC, that it made us feel much better when the clock struck 12.

Thank you kids. You made us feel young again. The following is their appearance on Jimmy Fallon before their New Year’s Eve event just blocks away from us in Miami.



Eliot Hess captures the big wave outside our windows
We plan to see our friend, singer Nicole Henry, this Saturday at the Colony Theater, Lincoln Road. Ron Abel, Mr. Showbiz, will be flying in from New York, to join us.

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